Our Story

Binghalib operating for over four decades, Binghalib Engineering is one of the UAE’s oldest and most reliable LV Switchgear Manufacturers, with a reputation for honesty, quality and reliability. From LV Commissioning and On-site Testing to Installation and Annual Maintenance, Binghalib Engineering offers total LV solutions

Founded in Sharjah in 1982 by Mohammed Binghalib, the company quickly established itself as a leader in LV Switchgear manufacturing by offering its clients customizable, affordable and high quality options that meet their projects’ every need. With its stellar leadership and knowledgeable team, Binghalib Engineering began taking on bigger projects, and was soon handling large scale, complex projects, proving it was capable of not only meeting but exceeding the demands of challenging projects. From Installation to Yearly Maintenance check ups, Binghalib Engineering is able to offer its clients the highest grade total LV solutions

Our Quality Policy

Binghalib Engineering is committed to implement and continually improve a Management System designed to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015

Binghalib Engineering focuses on achieving Customer Satisfaction through

Quality Product
Competent people
Management System

Our Specialization

Binghalib Engineering is part of the Binghalib Group of Companies which specializes predominately in Electrical Engineering & Manufacturing services such as electrical contracting, trading, instrumentation and calibration

Our other industries include manufacturing uPVC windows & doors, fly screens and roller shutters as well as manufacturing high quality control valves


Become part of the innovative team that makes Binghalib Engineering the leader in the industry. Send us a CV at: recruitment@binghalib.com

Our Group Companies


Binghalib Engineering is able to offer maintenance services complying to our clients exact requirements. Apart from the maintenance of the system and facilities, we are able to take over the maintenance of your existing systems on a contract basis

We have dedicated team of experienced maintenance engineers and technicians, along with high-end test equipment to carry out the maintenance activities according to contract specifications


With our team of experienced engineers, we are able to offer a wide array of engineering  studies to help your business run more efficiently


With infrastructure aging, switchgears may become inefficient and compatibility issues arise with modern equipment’s. Replacement of full switchgears may turn expensive and, in such cases, we offer Retrofit services with minimum downtime

Our retrofit team will do the on-site analysis to suggest the best solutions specific to the existing system. We can assist you with engineering and manufacturing of extension or upgrades, provided with the original specifications or documents ensuring compatibility

Binghalib Engineering is able to offer superb Retrofitting and Modification in several areas including:


Proper commissioning will ensure a high standard of operational efficiency and reliability. Binghalib Engineering is able to ensure comprehensive commissioning to ensure that the customer gets the most effective use their system. Some of our commissioning services include:

  •   Setting up device parameters for motor starters, circuit breakers & feeders
  •   Operational devices for motor starters, circuit breakers & feeders
  •   Serial communication analysis to DCS & SCADA (including Cable Path Binding & Communications Check)
  •   Secondary Injection tests and Relay Protection
  •   CT Polarity Tests
  •   Function Tests
  •   Support for technical competency


Some of our installation services include:

  •   Installation of Electrical Equipment’s
  •   LV/MV Switchgear
  •   Power Transformer’s
    •   Medium Voltage Soft Starters
    •   Field instrument and valves

Binghalib Engineering’s fully equipped Quality Control  & Testing facility ensure that only the utmost quality end product reaches our customers. With our team of experience and highly trained professionals and technicians, we are able to offer a wide array of testing services that not only match but exceed the regulation standards of SEWA, DEWA and other large scale operations. Our facilities are continually upgraded to match the latest international standards and regulations to ensure that only the best products reach your site

Binghalib Engineering is offering in-house & on-site testing facilities with our latest, state-of-the-art equipment for Retrofitting and Engineering Studies. We offer total and complete solutions for your projects. Our team of experts is able to perform multiple tests at clients’ facilities

Our Testing Capabilities:

Binghalib Engineering is leading manufacturer of LV switchgears in the region from DBs to the most complex intelligent MCCs  

  •   Build control panels easily and efficiently by using proven components
  •   Power suppliers and transformers
  •   LV control and signalling
  •   Incoming Protection and Switching
  •   Circuit and Load Protection